Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baby Mama-Finalist 3


Beginning Weight: 195
Current Weight:160 (thirty five pounds baby!)

Beginning Clothes Sizes: bulging 14- Actually I believe I was still comfortably wearing maternity pants that were intensely elasticized.
Current Clothes Sizes:10

Beginning Exercise Condition: Not good. Infact I was at the time quite sedentary. At the begining I could only do 15 pushups on my knees. Now I can do thirty on my feet. I couldn't do very many sit ups. Now I can do an entire 15 minute video of just sit ups. I began doing my weight exercises with 8lb. dumbells. I am now doing most of those same exercises with 15 lb. dumbells.

Current Exercise Condition: In addition to the above points that I just made, I finished a 90 day program called P90x. I can do all sorts of different kinds of pushups and exercises. I can run a 23 minute 5k and I just did a 25 mile bike ride in an hour and thirty minutes. I am in way better shape now.

Overall Rating Total: 7.25

Provide final photos of front, back, side.

Brief paragraph: I had a great experience doing ripquest. It was a way for me to get back into shape and to lose weight. I feel like it has brought about a lifestyle change for me most importantly. I feel like I eat better and I am way more aware of food and how to eat healthy. I feel like I used to be an emotional eater and I have really learned that about myself and I have really done so well at breaking this habit. As far as exercise goes, I have gotten into so much better shape. I am loving feeling better and looking better. What ripquest has done for me though, and what I have done for myself, is change. I live healthier. June 1st isn't the end for me. I have ten more pounds to go and a life time of eating healthier and exercizing so I can live longer and be happier. Thank you ripquest.. ( and I would be lying if I didnt say that I hope that I win. I could really use a new kickass wardrobe in a month when I drop those last ten pounds..... and i just looked at my before pics. check out my back fat that is gone... now that is impressive!)

Okay- i cant send my pics right now from gmail. I will try to send them via my hotmail account. word.


LEFTY Report

Beginning Weight: 131
Current Weight: 113

Beginning Clothes Sizes: jeans 15
Current Clothes Sizes: jeans 3

Beginning Exercise Condition: 4 - Healthy, not fit (could jog 4mph for 30 min). 8 pushups in a row. 2-3 light workouts a week (didn't know they were "light" until now)
Current Exercise Condition: 8 - Healthy & fit (can run 6mph+ for 35+ ) 30+ pushups in a row. 10+ med/hard workouts a week

Overall Rating Total: 73, weeks reported a rating: 10, average 7.3

Provide final photos of front, back, side.

Brief paragraph: I got a slow start, and joined ripquest a little late, but really put my heart into it. You ladies really gave me a lot of motivation. I've gone down a few jean sizes and feel like I've really made myself a lot healthier for my family. Even though I didn't reach my goal of 105, I feel good that I exceeded my jean size goal. Overall it's been really positive. I've found out how to cook healthier and to control how much junk I put into this machine! I'm determined to never go back to my old habits and to stay fit for the rest of my life. Getting fit is so hard and I now have a new respect for athletes. You ladies are awesome, it really helped me to report often and see how you guys were doing. Thanks for the memories!


Beginning Weight: 156
Current Weight:143

Beginning Clothes Sizes: maternity
Current Clothes Sizes: 10 and a few under

Beginning Exercise Condition: (provide examples etc.) A thirty minute walk to the gas station to get movies and treats was my max. Muscles? Forget 'em. I hadn't worked out in months.

Current Exercise Condition: I can comfortably run 5-6 miles during the week and a longer 7+ mile run on the weekends. I can squat, push-up, stretch in yoga, and do a good sit up workout. I consistently for the last 4 months workout at least 4 times/week, if not more.

Overall Rating Total: 6

Brief paragraph: I am very happy with my rip quest results. I look and feel MUCH better than I did before and can wear my normal and smaller clothes! I know that I could have been more strict with myself in the eating area and had even greater results but I definitely accomplished my goals to change my habits and get in shape! I've developed an awesome exercise habit (and addiction) and I understand how much my body actually needs to eat instead of over-eating all the time. I buy at the grocery store and cook like I never have before! I love creating healthy, fresh and delicious meals. I've spent many mornings ripping myself out of bed when I didn't want to, trudged on through a run when I didn't think I could go any farther, slammed the cupboard door in my own face to stop from eating something... I've surprised myself in my personal accomplishments and have a new confidence and respect for myself. Overall, for me the ripquest was a success. I feel great!

Thanks so much! This has been fun and rewarding!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Current Weight: 115
Total Loss: -16lbs
Your 6 Week Goals: I've slacked on my diet lately, so I'm upping my game and cutting my portion sizes down and completely eliminating my little peanut butter snacks that I've gotten hooked on. I'm also starting to run outside now with a friend, but am keeping up my normal workouts as well. Maybe by the end of this I'll finally look like Kelly Ripa. Does that lipo dissolve really work? I still want to be around 105lbs, size 4 by the end of May. It would be really nice to be able to run for longer than 45 minutes and not throw up.


urrent Weight:132
Total Loss:1
Your 6 Week Goals (Write a short paragraph describing the next month and a half... exercise, diet, body transformation)
I need to stop making excuses and start up working out again. I have been out of control. I am going to committ to working out 4 times a week, writing down my foods, and grade myself daily.

Baby Mama

Current Weight: 168
Total Loss: 27
Your 6 Week Goals: The next month and a half are going to be intense!Exercise: Finish P90x this weekend. Start triathlon training. Keep weight training.

Diet: Report on Fitday each day. Stick to what has been working. No sweets.
Body transformation: Cross my fingers.. i want to lose at least 12 more pounds. More would be better.... :) My June 1st goal is 155.. which would be 40 pounds. I want to buy a kickin pair of skinny jeans that look hot! That my friends is my goal.


Current Weight: 122
Total Loss: 4 lbs
Your 6 Week Goals (Write a short paragraph describing the next month and a half... exercise, diet, body transformation).

I am looking forward to being done with marathon training. I'm hoping that doing more variety in exercise will help get me off this endless plateau. I'll still workout out 1.5-2 hours 6 days a week. I'd like to be under 120 by June 1st....and heading towards looking ok enough to be in a bathing suit for a cruise at the end of June. Need to get back to eating better, spreading my calories out during the day. I need to plan ahead...when I don't, I either don't eat or eat something not-so-great. I also need to be a more supportive spouse, so he can get back on the weight-loss train as well. I'm definitely not going to win this competition, but I'm hoping to be in decent shape, which will hopefully make for a healthier future pregnancy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Current Weight: I am out of town so weighing in on a different scale tells me I gained 4 lbs. I hope it's just the scale!
Total Loss: -7 lbs.
Your 6 Week Goals (Write a short paragraph describing the next month and a half... exercise, diet, body transformation)
For the next month and a half I'm going to drink lots of water, eat healthy food continue my running training and do weights or yoga on my off days. I'm going to walk a lot of places with my kids in the stroller and cut out the crappy food. And.. because it's sunny and warm I'm going to be so much more happy and active! My clothes are going to fit even better and I'll start wearing the ones that don't fit me now!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Silly Sally

Current Weight:141 (can i throw my scale out the window)
Loss Last Week: none surprising to me I feel amazing and my clothes fit great
Week Rating: 8 1/2
Highlight: I made great eating choices! I exercised 2 times a day sometimes 3 throwing in a little yoga :)
Lowlight: My foot still hurts a bit, but that wont stop me from being a healthy me!!!


Current Weight: 116
Loss Last Week: +1
Week Rating: 8
Highlight: I gained a pound of muscle, and I worked out like crazy
Lowlight: The pound of muscle might be fat....


Current Weight:128
Loss Last Week:1
Week Rating:4
Highlight: Monday -Thursday ate really well, felt really good about the choices I was making
Lowlight: It was my birthday weekend. Yikes. It started off bad, my office bought doughnuts.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Mama

Current Weight: 173
Loss Last Week: 2 lbs.
Week Rating: 8
Highlight: my workouts kicked my trash this week. i worked really hard. i am starting to see my muscles again... yippe.
Lowlight: i made cookies for some friends. they looked good. they smelled good. i broke down and ate not one, not two, but three. seriously.... oh well. it was bound to happen sometime. got it out of my system. and it is back to being good again. :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Current Weight: 121
Loss Last Week: 0
Week Rating: exercise-8; eating-plead the 5th
Highlight: did my second to last long run before marathon...sucked to do it Sunday night but worth it because I didn't miss the UNC game. Go Heels! swimming again has also been nice.
Lowlight: dessert and dessert and dessert...Am I even taking this contest seriously anymore? Apparently I love my treats and my chubbiness too much...ugh.


Current Weight: 150
Loss Last Week: 0
Week Rating: 6
Highlight: Running to Maverick and back in 45 minutes!!
Lowlight: Eating Easter candy like it only comes around once a year...

Monday, March 30, 2009


Current Weight: 150
Loss Last Week: 0
Week Rating: 6
Highlight: Running to Maverick and back in 45 minutes!!
Lowlight: Eating Easter candy like it only comes around once a year...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silly Sally

Current Weight-141Current Fitness Level (Rate 1-10)7
gained 1 pound but not worried6 Week Goals!Total Lbs. Lost by May 1-10Specific Fitness Achievements by May 1-to be able to run 5 miles without hurting
Your Fitday Link- what is this?


January Competition Start Weight- 143
January Competition Start Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) 3 I seriously hadn't worked out in months
Current Weight-129Current Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) 6.5
Tell us one great thing about last week? I have done a lot better on my eating, and I am starting to enjoy running.
6 Week Goals! Run 15 miles this weekTotal Lbs. Lost by May 1- 23Specific Fitness Achievements by May 1- Being able to run a 10k.
Your Fitday Link-

Baby Mama

January Competition Start Weight- 195
January Competition Start Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) 3
Current Weight- 175
Current Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) 8Tell us one great thing about last week? I ate well. Kept track of everything i ate.6 Week Goals!Total Lbs. Lost by May 1- 35lbs.. or more. Specific Fitness Achievements by May 1- Finish P90X strong. And then continue on. May 1st is not the end for me. I will keep working hard to get where I want to be!

Your Fitday Link-


January Competition Start Weight- 126January Competition Start Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) - 6.5
Current Weight- 121 Current Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) - 8
Tell us one great thing about last week? I had to do my long run Sat. evening, which means I really didn't want to do it. I did, but I felt like I was super duper slow...and then I came home to discover I'd done 12 miles under 10 minute pace.
6 Week Goals!Total Lbs. Lost by May 1- 3-5?Specific Fitness Achievements by May 1- marathon ready, longer 200 progressive workouts
Your Fitday Link-
Confession: Yeah, I know this wasn't a reporting bullet, but I am struggling! I thought a little trash talk to Biscuit would keep me honest, What healthy foods are you girls eating? Are you all completely resisting "treats" like "Baby Mama"? How do you all stay motivated when you're on a seemingly endless plateau? I eat pretty well, workout 6 days a week, and not much is happening. I'm having a hard time giving into the thought of "I guess this is just as good as it gets." Thoughts? Suggestions?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


January Competition Start Weight- 156
January Competition Start Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) - 3

Current Weight- 150
Current Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) - 7

Tell us one great thing about last week? I felt like a runner!

6 Week Goals!
Total Lbs. Lost by May 1- 16 lbs.
Specific Fitness Achievements by May 1- Can comfortably run 3+ hours a week, outside and hills

Your Fitday Link-
(I hope I can figure out how to work this!)
I also have a blog that you are all welcome to check!


January Competition Start Weight- 131lbs
January Competition Start Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) 5

Current Weight- 115lbs
Current Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) 7

Tell us one great thing about last week?
I found a new vein on my arm this week.
6 Week Goals! Fit size 4 jeans
Total Lbs. Lost by May 1- 26lbs
Specific Fitness Achievements by May 1- be able to run a 10k

Your Fitday Link-

Silly Sally

current weight 140
still no loss but no gain
I am making healthier choices
my workouts have slacked a bit with a new baby but no excuses!
come on ladies let see who dominates this next week!


-Start weight:143
-Current weight :130
-Rate your week overall (1-10 scale) 4 I had some bad days of eating when I went to Utah, but as soon as I got back I really stepped up my eating. Workouts are going well, but this next week is going to be insane.
-Share one positive Eating experience: I am feeling a lot better about my food choices, thanks to a trip to costco for a large amount of fresh produce.
-Share one positive Exercise experience: Having my abs hurt the next day from a hardcore ab workout out. feels really good
-Real trash talk: Oh its on like donkey kong Lucille. I am coming strong and hard this week. Watch out

Baby Mama

-Start weight 195
-Current weight 178
-Rate your week overall (1-10 scale) 9
-Share one positive Eating experience: really starting to up my protien. still no treats at all. good eating. learning a lot about eating.
-Share one positive Exercise experience: exercised even when i didnt want to.did an awesome core workout.
-Real trash talk: 17 lbs. so far baby! watch out there will be more.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Start: 126
Week Overall: 6 (missed 2 workouts and made bad food choices...darn it!)
One positive eating experience: Making healthy dinners for me and my husband...ex: sesame chicken salad, salmon)
One positive exercise experience: Ran 16 miles--bonus: it was during St. Patrick's Day weekend festivities, and at one point I suddenly found myself running through a herd of Irish setters. Awesome.
Real Trash Talk: I'm losing my sense of competition in this group and after all these weeks, so I'm calling YOU out, BISCUIT. I bet I can eat and workout better than you for the next week. Are you up for the challenge...or has the long winter in a small town made you weak?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Start weight 156lbs.

Current weight 149lbs.

Rate your week overall (1-10 scale) 8

Share one positive Eating experience: I homemade healthy, yummy whole wheat bread and lots of other fresh, homemade meals! When I went to the store, I ONLY shopped in the produce section!

Share one positive Exercise experience: I had 3 GREAT runs this week and an especially long one on Saturday!

Real trash talk: who thinks they want this more than ME??!?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Silly Sally, Lefty, and RIP White Chocolate:(

weight is 141
no weight loss
Has been a rough week bronchitis and adopting a baby only one day of work out also had the stomach flu
eating has been ok but i am feeling so much better so watch out her comes the six pack!!!!

Start weight: 131
Current weight: 118
Rate your week overall (1-10 scale): 7
Share one positive Eating experience: I only had a few girl scout cookies...instead of 3 boxes.
Share one positive Exercise experience: During my running workouts this week I ran .5 miles faster. Which is HUGE for me.
Real trash talk: I think I'll leave this to the guys...don't have it in me right now, but I am pretty happy about losing another 2 pounds of myself this week :)

White Chocolate you will be missed.... good luck!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

LAB REPORT: Silly Sally & Biscuit

Silly Sally
-Start weight & Current weight 145 140
-Total % weight loss from start (weight loss lbs. divided by start weight lbs. example: 10 lbs. lost divided by 200 start weight=.05 or 5%
-Rate your LAB experiment (1-10 scale)6
-Expand on your experience went out of town ate pretty good worked out twice a day good on that! i dont eat as big of portions and make the healthier choice, my clothes fit better yeah
-Rate your results for the halfway point of the contest (1-10 scale)7
-How will you improve or maintain to reach your goals for the second half of the contest? doing my best and start each day new!!!

Start 143
2 weeks ago 135
now -4 now I am 131
8% loss
8- This was really good, my workouts and eating were a lot better, not perfect, but definite improvement. I went to some spin classes that really kicked my trash, they were awesome. Eating has been a lot better, eating a lot more fresh foods and I am not always hungry like I used to be. My downfall was i missed a few workouts.
I am happy that I have lost weight, but I am disappointed with myself, cause I know I can do better. It's go time for me.
I am going to keep a food journal, commit to more workout classes (really help because I have to push myself). I am also going to incorporate new strength exercises in my workouts

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LAB REPORT: Butterfly

start: 156 lbs. / now: 149 lbs.percent loss: 4%
-Rate you LAB experiment (1-10 scale)8 -Expand on your experienceThe first 7 days I took the lab SO seriously. I ate the best I've ever eaten! It was SO hard but I felt so good in my clothes and felt confident because of my self-control. I knew that I was doing it right because every morning alarm, every meal, every night pretty much sucked. :) But then I let myself sneak and snitch a little until I wasn't saying no to treats anymore. I maintained working out though. I thought for sure I would lose more weight after all my hard work! So that kind of bumbed me out. But my body fat went down 3% even though I didn't lose any weight. Eating was my biggest strength at first and then my down fall. I did amazing, but I need to maintain that longer than 7 days.
-Rate your results for the halfway point of the contest (1-10 scale)8 I've been exercising more than I ever have and I am more conscious of my eating and eat healthy foods... I feel great and I know I'm on my way to being my best self and making long-term lifestyle changes! I love the way I've been eating and exercising. My clothes actually fit (no more maternity clothes!!) and I feel decent-looking. I also know I can do better!-How will you improve or maintain to reach your goals for the second half?I will maintain control of my eating, continue working out twice a day and choose the right even when it's hard. I hope to see quicker results than I have and maintain my "good weeks" longer than 7 days!!
Thanks for the support and accountability!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Start weight & Current weight: 195/ 181
-Total % weight loss from start: 7%
-Rate your LAB experiment (1-10 scale) 9. i entered the lab and i really embraced it. i only missed one double work out and i ate as perfectly as i know how. reason it isn't a ten? well because i didnt lose the 10 pounds these last two weeks that i wanted to. oh well.
-Expand on your experience: it was a good experience and it actually taught me that i can completly give up sweets. didnt think i could. but i did. and i can. and i will for the next 8 weeks.
-Rate your results for the halfway point of the contest (1-10 scale) i have two ratings: seriously my effort is a 9. my weightloss is a 7. guess that is the breaks.
-How will you improve or maintain to reach your goals for the second half?
i am going to continue to cut out all sweets completely! it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. and i am going to continue to do double workouts as often as possible. and i think the major thing i need to do is to maintain positive thinking when the scale does not equal the amount of effort that i feel like i am putting into this.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Start weight: 131
Current: 120
Total % weight loss from start: 8.3%
Rate your LAB experiment: 8
Expand on your experience: Thank goodness this was only 2 was hard. Trans fat not so bad to cut out...sugar is seriously almost impossible.Rate your results for the halfway point of the contest: 8
How will you improve or maintain to reach your goals for the second half? I have started working out 3 times a day and really like it. I have started to figure out the difference between eating healthy and eating healthy to lose weight. It's really hard. I'm going to reward myself once a week with a treat if I do all my workouts and eat good. Hopefully by the end of this I won't even want a treat :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


-Start weight: 126-
Current weight:119-
Total % weight loss from start: 5.5%-
Rate you LAB experiment: Eating B- (8) Exercise A (9) 8/8.5 overall-
Expand on your experience: I faltered a few times in snitching treats (I blame the Girl Scouts), but I improved on eating more regularly and was consistent with healthy meals (no cheat meals!). My workouts were great: picked up my running pace, lifted heavier weights. I give myself a 9 because I missed a couple of double days (abs at night...never missed my major workouts).-
Rate your results for the halfway point of the contest (1-10 scale): Probably an 8. That whole emotional eating business is still a struggle. I am really pleased with my fitness. I did a 5:30 am 7 mile run that felt amazing...a real run not just a jog.-
How will you improve or maintain to reach your goals for the second half? I need to plan my snacks and meals during the day more consistently. When I do this, I do better. I can't be lazy and not eat or eat something easy (which is usually not the most healthy choice). I also can't be focused on my weight's discouraging. I need to keep pushing myself in workouts. At this point I'm not getting "in shape," I am. Now I need to get in better/racing/best in my life shape. No complacency!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The "LAB EXPERIMENT" ends Thursday

Hey RIPQUESTERS the "lab experiment" ends this Thursday (march 5th by midnight)

Everyone will report on that day and then we will return to the weekly schedule.

You will need to provide the following...

-Photos front, side, back (try to make them similar to your previous photos)
-Start weight & Current weight
-Total % weight loss from start (weight loss lbs. divided by start weight lbs. example: 10 lbs. lost divided by 200 start weight=.05 or 5%
-Rate you LAB experiment (1-10 scale)
-Expand on your experience
-Rate your results for the halfway point of the contest (1-10 scale)
-How will you improve or maintain to reach your goals for the second half of the contest?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Week 7 & 8. Welcome to the Lab Ladies!!!

Week 6 is complete... leaving 10 weeks until the end of this competition.

HEY PEOPLE! We are sensing a bit of apathy and lack motivation out there!!!

Our job is to help you guys push to your limits and acheive your goals.

It is time to mix things up. So here it goes...

-We will not be awarding week 6 winners male or female due to low numbers on weight loss and personal evaluation ratings.

-There will be no report next week because for the next two weeks you will be entering "The Lab"

-What is the Lab you ask? Here are the requirements:


1. As the name implies, "The Lab" is an environment to experiment and discover new boundaries. For our purposes, your "Lab" will be the next 2 weeks and the ONLY purpose is to initiate a personal experiment for you to see what happens when you eat better and workout harder than you have in entire life!

2. Yes, we mean it. No excuses, no complaints, no rationalizing. How will you know you are doing it? Every single day over the next 14 days will be HARD. You will curse the ripquest name and wish you were dead. Each night as you go to bed you will be tired, hungry, and cranky! And as you crawl into that bed you will need to set your alarm in plenty of time to get that morning workout in.

3. Give your scale to someone to hide. Everyone is getting too hung up on that daily trip to weigh in. During the lab there will be no weighing in, just hard freaking work! When the 14 days are up, everyone will do a weigh in report and take their 8 week photos.

4. Perfect Eating: Yes we mean it. No junk food, no grease, no refined sugars, no bad food AT ALL!!! We don't care if it is your birthday or your wedding. There will be no cheat meals, sneaks, or snacks! For 2 weeks you can be perfect.

5. Double Workouts EVERYDAY: We mean this too. Twice a day you will engage in some form of fitness activity even if it is 15 minutes of stretching and sit ups before bed. The point is obviously to burn calories and create muscle but even more so, for you to prioritize your health and get you out of your current routines by forming new habits.

6. This contest is all about YOU achieving your goals and changing your life and as such is on your honor.

7. Recognize that we have put you in a horrible place with only two difficult options....

First Option: Read this, think to yourself ummm yeah whatever I will do what i can and if not oh well... blah, blah, blah go through the same old motions... blah blah.


Second option: Commit fully to this experiment, enter the lab, struggle, work your butt off, and come out of these two weeks unstoppable.

*Each ripquester needs to print up the above rules, post them where they can see them and reply to this email by typing "I name commit to my own personal Lab fitness experiment and will do everything required to complete it."

Over these 2 weeks we will posting on the blogs every tip and piece of motivation we can muster to see you through.

Have a great next 14 days!!!


Current Weight:135
Total Loss: 0
Weekly Rating:2
Favorite Healthy Food: Apples and bananas
Best Workout Song: Electric Avenue
Who is your biggest competition so far? My willpower. Need to strap down and get this done
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? I will be 120 pounds and able to run a 5k no problem and will increase my lift capabilities to get me up to the next level.

Baby Mama

Current Weight: 184
Total Loss: 1 lb.
Weekly Rating: 7-
i worked out six days out of seven for an hour or hour plus. food was pretty good. though i had dessert on a valentines date. couldnt pass it up.
Favorite Healthy Food: carrots
Best Workout Song: stronger- kanye
Who is your biggest competition so far? everyone. and my gut that seems to not budge one bit.
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? i want to be in shape both in looks and in my heart. i want to weigh under 160. preferably closer to 150. heaven help me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Current Weight: 121
Total Loss: 5
Weekly Rating: 6.5 (missed a workout day, talked to a fellow Rip Quester while I was staring at a pizza I'd ordered...shameful)---that said, my workouts were good, 90-120 min each, and Ihad calorie deficit most days.
Favorite Healthy Food: cottage cheese w/ apples; grilled salmon + veggie
Best Workout Song: long run: Snow Patrol/Beastie Boys; intervals: Mos Def
Who is your biggest competition so far? everyone
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? I'm no longer tucking love handles into my pants; I can see my ab muscles w/o needing helpful lighting; I am better able to control emotional eating; I'm running a marathon in 2 days....and figuring out how to spend my $ :)!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Current Weight: 151 lbs.
Total Loss: -5 lbs.
Weekly Rating: 7
Favorite Healthy Food: sweet potatoes
Best Workout Song: Let's Get Retarded
Who is your biggest competition so far? EVERYONE of you awesome ladies!!!
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? I will weigh 125 lbs. fit into all my skinny clothes, look tan and hot, be energetic and happy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Current Weight: 122
Total Loss: 0
Weekly Rating: 6
Favorite Healthy Food: Whole Wheat Bread
Best Workout Song: Weezer - Pork & Beans
Who is your biggest competition so far? Biscuit is definitely giving me a run for the money! I still feel like I'm straggling behind EVERYONE.
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? Fit as a fiddle with a six pack and a weight of 110!

White Chocolate

Current Weight: 151
Total Loss: 8
Weekly Rating: 6 Good weekdays, rough weekend
Favorite Healthy Food: Tuna salad
Best Workout Song: Lollipop by Framing Hanley
Who is your biggest competition so far? Me
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? You'll think I was Jillian Michael's clone. Go her.

Silly Sally

Current Weight:+1
Total Loss:4
Weekly Rating:8
Favorite Healthy Food:strawberries
Best Workout Song: I usually watch a movie. roll bounce is my fav so far
Who is your biggest competition so far? everyone since I have lost the least!
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? awesome 128

Friday, February 13, 2009


Current weight: 135
Loss during week 5: 0
Total loss from start:8
Weekly Rating (1-10):4- I did okay, but I am better than that
Moment: Hardcore weights
Most Tempting Food: Jack in the Box
Famous Person dream body: Heidi Klum
hat has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?) I need to be better about my eating and stop snacking. I need to write down what i eat each day.
Trash Talk: Im going to start with myself and then get back to you.

Baby Mama

Current weight: 185
Loss during week 5: 0
Total loss from start: 10
Weekly Rating (1-10): 7- good workouts- ok food
Best Workout Moment: a kickin legs and back workout
Most Tempting Food: valentines candy!
Famous Person dream body: Gisele
Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?) i think my weakness is my current lifestyle- very little sleep due to a new baby and 2 other kids that dont sleep through the night. And sometimes i get lazy with my eating while i am making fun treats, or making dinner- just going the quick and easy route. how to fix this? hmmm. just stick to it I guess.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Current weight: 121
Loss during week 5: -2 lbs
Total loss from start: -5 lbs
Weekly Rating (1-10): exercise 8; eating 6.5
Best Workout Moment: getting my long run in while out of town
Most Tempting Food: anything on the weekend
Famous Person dream body: Jennifer Garner I guess. I'm drawing a blank here...
Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?): Right now I look ok in most of my clothes, so it's easy to feel complacent. What I really want is to FINISH getting into great shape...I want to SEE the muscles I've been working on. I know I need to eat better...fewer treats, more healthy/spaced-out meals and snacks. I think if I plan ahead what I'm eating, it will be easier to make good choices. I need to stop justifying vacation/weekend/special occasion eating...I'm enabling my poor husband's bad eating too when I do that...oops.
Trash Talk: I want to get on the "encouragement bandwagon." Let's make those boys embarrassed by how hard we worked out and how well we ate!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Current weight: 149
Loss during week 5: 2
Total loss from start: -7
Weekly Rating (1-10): 5 Great workouts, bad eating
Best Workout Moment: Pilates video was fun after I dusted it off and my first few training runs for the Wasatch Back relay were fun too!
Most Tempting Food: cookie dough
Famous Person dream body: Julie Andrews (I think, I've never seen her on the cover of Maxim or anything, but she has a slim waist and a girly figure with her clothes on!)Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?) making the wrong eating choices even though I know I shouldn't. I'm going to plan out all my meals, prepare and have things on hand.
Trash Talk: I'm really looking forward to my shopping spree on May 1...

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Current weight: 122
Loss during week 5: -5
Total loss from start: -9
Weekly Rating (1-10): 8
Best Workout Moment: Running for 45 minutes on an incline - big accomplishment for me! Most Tempting Food: Brownies w/creamcheese frosting
Famous Person dream body: Wonderwoman - seriously what a real woman
Evaluate Weakness: Feeling exhausted has been a major obstacle and gorging on food when I'm gone. I need to work on getting more sleep and control my eating when I'm away from home! Trash Talk: You ladies are awesome - let's lose more than the guys this month!

White Chocolate

Current weight: 152
Loss during week 5: +2 (Please tell me these will come off while I sleep tonight!!!)
Total loss from start: -7
Weekly Rating (1-10): 5
Best Workout Moment: I worked out every day
Most Tempting Food: What wasn't?
Famous Person dream body: Jillian from Biggest Loser. Pretty much love her guts and covet her body.
Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?) I had a couple weak nights this week. Not sure what my problem was but it was really rough for me. I'll improve my diet so my body will feel satisfied and not cave into these dang tempting foods that stare at me every freaking day. Ugh!
Trash Talk: I'm too busy kicking my own butt for such inexcusable will power. But I will conquer. I'm stronger than this.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Silly Sally

Current weight: 140
Loss during week 5: 2
Total loss from start:5
Weekly Rating (1-10): 7
Best Workout Moment:lots of bike riding (fx foot no running for me for a while)
Most Tempting Food:kettle corn from the circus
Famous Person dream body: jessica alba
Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?)will power! pray for the force!
Trash Talk: lemonade, crushed ice, beat it once beat it twice, turn around touch the ground, punch your competition out of town and pose

Friday, February 6, 2009


Current weight: 135
Loss during week 4: 1
Total loss from start: 8
Total % weight loss: 5%
Weekly Rating (1-10): 6
I had some really good workouts, not to well on the eating.
Best Workout Moment: doing completer\ hardcore cardio with whole set of weights. And doing well on a fitness assesment
Most Tempting Food: anything creamy
Your favorite muscle:calves New goal for second month: lose 2 pounds every week
Trash Talk:this past month was just a warm up

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Mama

Current weight: 185
Loss during week 4: 4 lbs.
Total loss from start: 10 lbs.
Total % weight loss: 5%
Weekly Rating (1-10): 8 - six days for at least an hour
Best Workout Moment: yoga kicked my trash, and so did a gnarly legs and back workout
Most Tempting Food: valentines candy- it is mt favorite candy time of year.... love those stupid cinnamon hearts
Your favorite muscle: um, my quads. not by what they look like- but that they allowed me to do some awesome wall sits the other day for part of my work out.
New goal for second month: Lose more weight! :)
Trash Talk: good luck everyone! you are awesome.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Current weight: 123
Loss during week 4: +1 (all muscle though--you do get muscle from cruellers and brownies, right?)Total loss from start: -3Total % weight loss:Weekly Rating (1-10): workout 8 eating 5
Best Workout Moment: 10 mile run and getting 6 workouts in
Most Tempting Food: see above reference...but anything that let me eat my feelings
Your favorite muscle: my legs (below the saddle bags anyway)...I always think "nice!" when I'm walking towards a mirror at the gym.New goal for second month: -4 pounds, spreading my calories my evenly throughout the day, and to stop thinking "why try? this is as good as I get."
Trash Talk: Still working on "trash talking" my baked good-craving self. I have a feeling, though, that February will be my month.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Current weight: 151
Loss during week 4: gained 2!!
Total loss from start: -5
Total % weight loss: 3%
Weekly Rating (1-10): 2 I ate SO bad this week!
Best Workout Moment: I worked out 3 times and they were all good! If I feel so good when I work out, why don't I do it somedays?!?
Most Tempting Food: gas station junk food
Your favorite muscle: quads
New goal for second month: lose 16 lbs (I know that's a lot but...aim high!)
Trash Talk: I'm just ashamed of how crappy I did last week. I can't trash talk today!


Current weight: 127
Loss during week 4: +4
Total loss from start: -4
Total % weight loss: 3%
Weekly Rating (1-10): 4
Best Workout Moment: Didn't cry during my workout.
Most Tempting Food: Guacamole
Your favorite muscle: A bulging one
New goal for second month: Don't give in to the avacado and add running back into my routine.
Trash Talk: The truth is out, I'm a yoyo. But no more- this next month is going to kick my butt!

*she just posted pics so we''ll wait tell the next round to do the before and afters

Saturday, January 31, 2009

White Chocolate

Current weight: 150
Loss during week 4: -1
Total loss from start: -9
Total % weight loss: 5.6%
Weekly Rating (1-10): 8
Best Workout Moment: I kicked my trash in Spin this week. I was trying to show off and ended up pulling a dang muscle. Serves me right...
Most Tempting Food: Stupid Kudos granola bars
Your favorite muscle: Shoulders
New goal for second month: Not give in, don't give up. Keep going strong mentally and physically.
Trash Talk: Bring it. I'm ready for war ladies.

Silly Sally

Current weight: 142
Loss during week 4: 0 no gain or loss
Total loss from start:3
Total % weight loss:I bad at math what is the equation again:)
Weekly Rating (1-10): 4 I had a horrible week sick husband all kids sick not good sleep or exercise
Best Workout Moment:the two days that I did workout:(
Most Tempting Food:anything with sugar or salty potato chips
Your favorite muscle: I am thankful for all of them but my fav right now is um my quads
New goal for second month: to loose 5 pounds and be more consistant
Trash Talk: I'm number 1 and your number two and I am going to beat the whoopi out of you!!! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Current weight:136
Loss during week 3:1
Total loss from start: 7
Weekly Rating (1-10):4I need to be more strict on my diet, and step it up with my cardio
Best Workout Moment:Running, and feeling like it wasn't so terrible
Most Tempting Food: Brownies at work
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain...No. I didn't run everyday. The treadmills were being used, so I did other cardio on those days.
Trash Talk: Just wait and see... next week it's on!

Baby Mama

Current weight: 189
loss during week: + 1.5(sadly i had a scale malfunction, ditched the said digital scale and now i have a new analog scale... on monday i weighed 186- but i sadly have to go with the new scale and the new weight. oh well.)
weekly rating: 8 - got in the groove
best workout moment: some p90x kicked my butt
most tempting food: the chocolate chip cookies that i made as a thank you...
did you acheive your goal from last week: yes. i started to really figure out how to incoorporate some productive workouts ( ie- at home) that are working with a new baby and my other tykes.
trash talk: to myself: buck up, and get to work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Current weight: 122
Loss during week 3: +3
Total loss from start: -4
Weekly Rating (1-10): 3Best Workout Moment: 7-mile run on trail
Most Tempting Food: mostly naughty weekend eating (a "cheat meal" that spiraled into eating more bad things) - I have to watch this tendancy.
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? the end of the week, I'd kicked up my cardio; I went to the class (not as tough with a sub instructor); BUT I still feel bad about gaining weight back, and I missed 2 days of working out (decent excuses for it, but I really could/should have found a way)
Trash Talk: Can't worry about my competition this week...I'll be too busy yelling at myself to get back into this thing!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Current weight:149
Loss during week 3: 4 lbs.
Total loss from start: 7 lbs
Weekly Rating (1-10):8
Best Workout Moment: 45 minute cardio on the treadmill while I watched an inspiring running movie
Most Tempting Food: everything
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... Yep! I ate the healthiest I have in a long time and worked out 5 days.
Trash Talk: Welcome Lefty...way to roll in here and lose 8 pounds right off the bat!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Current weight: 123
Loss during week 3: 8
Total loss from start: 8
Weekly Rating (1-10): 5
Best Workout Moment: Doing 53 pushups at 4:30am
Most Tempting Food:Little Debbie brownie
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... Well, I this was my first week and I wasn't feeling well which is probably why I lost 8 lbs.
Trash Talk: I'm just paddling behind trying to keep up with you ladies!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

White Chocolate

Current weight: 151
Loss during week 3: -3
Total loss from start: -8
Weekly Rating (1-10): 8
Best Workout Moment: Dragging my tired butt to Spin.
Most Tempting Food: Bread from Macaroni Grill
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... I tried not to let the scale dominate my emotions. I'm learning to be patient and realize the weight won't fall off in a week. Bummer.
Trash Talk: You guys are awesome. Keep up the excellent work my friends.

Silly Sally

Current weight:142
Loss during week 3: gained 1
Total loss from start:3
Weekly Rating (1-10):7
Best Workout Moment:my 2 hour brick workout with weights
Most Tempting Food:weak moment and bought a candy bar. but other than that I have to say I have been doing pretty dang good!
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain...yes ate a little better and did two day workouts
Trash Talk: ?

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Current weight:137
Loss this week:1
Total loss from both weeks:6
Weekly Rating:4
Best Workout Moment:ran 2 miles, i know this is nothing, but such a struggle for me
Most Tempting Food: donut in relief society
Specific goal for coming week: get it in gear, exercise 5 days, run at least 10 miles this week.

Baby Mama

Current weight:187.5
Loss this week: 1.5 lb.
Total loss from both weeks: 4.5 measly lbs.
Weekly Rating: 5- my whole family got sick. you would think this would be awesome in a weight loss way like cute lucille, but nope. and lucille- it does look tempting. what did you eat? :)
Best Workout Moment: getting back into lifting, feels good
Most Tempting Food: breads
Specific goal for coming week: step up the cardio and the weights, really try to step it up and lose some weight. keep the food intake good.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


current weight: 119
Loss this week: 6 lbs
Total loss from both weeks: 7 lbs
Best workout moment: treadmill intervals and a cardio class that hurt me like The Shred Zone
Most tempting food: chocolate orange slices (had one or two a day a few times last week)
Specific goal for coming week: step up cardio intensity; return to that crazy Cardio Core class that made me feel like an out-of-shape wuss AND don't be upset when you gain weight back.

**I would be remiss if I failed to mention that I got food poisoning Friday night and have been fairly frightened of food ever since. I ate healthy and worked out, but my weight loss has a lot to do with a very thorough (if unintentional) cleanse followed by consuming roughly 1,000 calories in 72 hours. And the pounds lost might look tempting but it was NOT worth it. Seriously, that night was a close second to labor.

Welcome Lefty!

We've got one more Lady to add to the competition... Lefty!

Monday, January 19, 2009


153 lbs
36.2% body fat

Loss This Week: gained 1 lb!!!
Total Loss: 4lbs.
Weekly Rating: 5 I did a cleanse and was proud of my willpower for those two days, but on the other days I didn't eat very well :( I had consistent exercise but I want to step it up a bit next week for more challenge
Best Workout Moment: doing my workout video and being able to concentrate on good form and really feel it since I've pretty much got it down
Most Tempting Food: Paradise Cafe--I ate there twice this week and got delicious cookies both times! The cookies are ok if you get soup and salad right?!
Specific Goal for Coming Week: Make a drastic change in eating and do long cardio workouts 4 times and weights twice

Saturday, January 17, 2009

White Chocolate

Current weight: 154 (Ugh)
Loss this week: -0 (that 0 is killing me!!!!!)
Total loss from both weeks: -5
Weekly Rating: 8
Best Workout Moment: The fact that I got through my leg workout without crying.
Most Tempting Food: California Pizza Kitchen baby
Specific goal for coming week: Oh I don't know...maybe lose some freaking weight!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Silly Sally

Current weight: 141
Loss this week: 4 pounds :)
Total loss from both weeks: 4 pounds
Weekly Rating:7
Best Workout Moment: when I ran for an hour without my knee hurting!
Most Tempting Food:chocolate(major weakness had some everyday)
Specific goal for coming week: eat a little better and do 2 a day with workouts

One Week Down RipQuesters!

Well the first round of reports are in... congrats to everyone on a great first week. For the first round of reporting we were pretty aggressive in reminding everyone to report. But now that everyone has done one week and knows their day to report it is 100% on you guys.

Remember, if you miss your report you will be DQ'd, no exceptions. The reason for this is 2 fold. First, and most important, Accountability. Being held accountable in your reporting and knowing that there are consequences helps keep all of us diligent in our fitness commitments. Each of you need to internalize that you committed to a healthy transformation over these 4 months. Weekly tracking of your progress and reporting is a big part of that. As each of you go through your week knowing that you will have to account for your choices of diet and exercise it will help you make better decisions. Second, which is less important, it is enough work for us to update everything daily. We don't also want to be playing catch up on late reports.

Fear can be a healthy motive at times and losing 100 bucks and being out of the competition is a healthy drive to help you achieve your goals. Have a great next week on your Quest!

*Also, here is the % weight loss calculation: weight loss divided by original weight=% so for example. 10 lbs. weight loss divided by 200 lb.s start weight = .05 or 5%

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Current Weight:138 -5 lbs.
Total %: 3.6%
Workout Comments:Workout 5 times this week. need to step it up with my cardio, really out of shape.

Diet Comments: have been eating a lot healthier. need to work on portion control

Trash Talk:Ladies I expect my 1st place prize money in crisp 1 dolla bills, cause I'm gonna make it rain.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Mama

Current weight: 189 (down 3 pounds)Total % lost: 1.5
I rate the week a 5 overall.
I ate well, but not getting in as much exercise as I'd like.
Workout: 3 workouts. 2 cardio, 1 weights.
Need to get on a more regular schedule, working out the kinks of my life right now.
Diet: Feel pretty good about this.
Trash talk comments: We had so much garbage from the holidays that we filled up two cans this week. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


current weight:125 lbs -1 lb
total loss: 1% (1 lb)
my week: 6.5--not failing but not passing with flying colors
workout: cardio 6x, weights 3x
diet: "just finishing up the holiday goodies"---pathetic justification! but not too terrible overall
trash talk: I don't want to trash talk...those girls seem great. I'm sure it will be quite a battle for 2nd and 3rd. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009


152.6 lbs. (down from 156)
3% loss
36.6% body fat
rate my week overall a 6.
I worked out every day except Friday.
Eating, I ate healthy meals and I did well but went out to eat a couple of times and ate whatever I wanted. I'm actually surprised I lost that much weight!

Watch out gals, the competition is fierce!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Current Weight: 154 -5 lbs.
3.1 % weight loss
Rate: 7 I'm not going to lie, I was expecting a bigger weight loss.
Workout: I'm going to add intervals to my cardio workout this week. I also need to get my treadmill set up and dusted off...
Diet: I stayed within my range of calories each day but I need to add more meat and veggies to my diet. I also need to increase my water intake.

Trash Talk: Good luck?

Friday, January 9, 2009


145 (up 2 pounds sweet:(
22% body fat (down 1% :) )

6 weekly rating

my workouts went really well! sore musclesbut feels good!

eating is my downfall this was my last week of Diet Dr. Pepper! and no more sugar!

the first week is always the hardest! but I did it.

Bring it on ladies!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lesson 1 S.R.A.

First lesson is.... STRESS, RECOVER, ADAPT (repeat it aloud 3 times while holding your holiday belly).

This physiological process is the heart of all exercise. It is very simple to understand but quite another to apply. Most problems encountered by people beginning a new exercise and diet program would be solved if they understood this simple process.

Here is how you break it down...

STRESS: This is the implementation of a stimulus on the body in an effort to make it change in some way. So lifting a weight or running will fatigue the muscle groups involved and place more demand on the muscle fibers and blood vessels. During this time of stress the muscle fibers demand more fuel, oxygen, blood, and muscle recruitment from the body.

RECOVER: After a "stress" the body needs time to assess what has happened, rest, and prepare. The three main components to aid recovery are time, sleep, and good nutrition. This is one of the most overlooked areas of exercise and the cause of lots of misery. (ex. eat some protein and quality carbohydrates within 15 minutes of completing an exercise.)

ADAPT: When stress and recovery occurs the body will adapt by forming new blood vessels, muscle fibers, and the recruiting of existing muscle fibers. (An untrained person might use only 50% of the muscle but exercise "recruits" existing fibers and makes them available for use.)

When this process is maximized a subject gains dramatic muscle development, strength, and weight loss. When it is not, they experience injury, fatigue, and frustration. Bottom line is... work out hard when it is time but then allow your body do its thing! The last thing you want at this point is to over do it, get injured, and be stuck sitting around.

Have fun reporting!

ps: we take requests on certain topics if anyone would like to learn about something specific.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meet the competition...

*In sad news... Helga withdrew from competition. She will be missed.

143 lbs.
118 lbs. goal

192 lbs.
150 lbs. goal

129 lbs.
115 goal

156 lbs.
130 lbs. goal

Weight 143 lbs.
Goal 128 lbs.

159 lbs.
125 lbs. goal