Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Current weight: 123
Loss during week 4: +1 (all muscle though--you do get muscle from cruellers and brownies, right?)Total loss from start: -3Total % weight loss:Weekly Rating (1-10): workout 8 eating 5
Best Workout Moment: 10 mile run and getting 6 workouts in
Most Tempting Food: see above reference...but anything that let me eat my feelings
Your favorite muscle: my legs (below the saddle bags anyway)...I always think "nice!" when I'm walking towards a mirror at the gym.New goal for second month: -4 pounds, spreading my calories my evenly throughout the day, and to stop thinking "why try? this is as good as I get."
Trash Talk: Still working on "trash talking" my baked good-craving self. I have a feeling, though, that February will be my month.

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  1. what saddle bags? If brownies put on muscle I would eat them all day everyday and never get sick of them! wouldn't that be awesome!! silly sally