Saturday, January 31, 2009

White Chocolate

Current weight: 150
Loss during week 4: -1
Total loss from start: -9
Total % weight loss: 5.6%
Weekly Rating (1-10): 8
Best Workout Moment: I kicked my trash in Spin this week. I was trying to show off and ended up pulling a dang muscle. Serves me right...
Most Tempting Food: Stupid Kudos granola bars
Your favorite muscle: Shoulders
New goal for second month: Not give in, don't give up. Keep going strong mentally and physically.
Trash Talk: Bring it. I'm ready for war ladies.

Silly Sally

Current weight: 142
Loss during week 4: 0 no gain or loss
Total loss from start:3
Total % weight loss:I bad at math what is the equation again:)
Weekly Rating (1-10): 4 I had a horrible week sick husband all kids sick not good sleep or exercise
Best Workout Moment:the two days that I did workout:(
Most Tempting Food:anything with sugar or salty potato chips
Your favorite muscle: I am thankful for all of them but my fav right now is um my quads
New goal for second month: to loose 5 pounds and be more consistant
Trash Talk: I'm number 1 and your number two and I am going to beat the whoopi out of you!!! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Current weight:136
Loss during week 3:1
Total loss from start: 7
Weekly Rating (1-10):4I need to be more strict on my diet, and step it up with my cardio
Best Workout Moment:Running, and feeling like it wasn't so terrible
Most Tempting Food: Brownies at work
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain...No. I didn't run everyday. The treadmills were being used, so I did other cardio on those days.
Trash Talk: Just wait and see... next week it's on!

Baby Mama

Current weight: 189
loss during week: + 1.5(sadly i had a scale malfunction, ditched the said digital scale and now i have a new analog scale... on monday i weighed 186- but i sadly have to go with the new scale and the new weight. oh well.)
weekly rating: 8 - got in the groove
best workout moment: some p90x kicked my butt
most tempting food: the chocolate chip cookies that i made as a thank you...
did you acheive your goal from last week: yes. i started to really figure out how to incoorporate some productive workouts ( ie- at home) that are working with a new baby and my other tykes.
trash talk: to myself: buck up, and get to work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Current weight: 122
Loss during week 3: +3
Total loss from start: -4
Weekly Rating (1-10): 3Best Workout Moment: 7-mile run on trail
Most Tempting Food: mostly naughty weekend eating (a "cheat meal" that spiraled into eating more bad things) - I have to watch this tendancy.
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? the end of the week, I'd kicked up my cardio; I went to the class (not as tough with a sub instructor); BUT I still feel bad about gaining weight back, and I missed 2 days of working out (decent excuses for it, but I really could/should have found a way)
Trash Talk: Can't worry about my competition this week...I'll be too busy yelling at myself to get back into this thing!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Current weight:149
Loss during week 3: 4 lbs.
Total loss from start: 7 lbs
Weekly Rating (1-10):8
Best Workout Moment: 45 minute cardio on the treadmill while I watched an inspiring running movie
Most Tempting Food: everything
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... Yep! I ate the healthiest I have in a long time and worked out 5 days.
Trash Talk: Welcome Lefty...way to roll in here and lose 8 pounds right off the bat!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Current weight: 123
Loss during week 3: 8
Total loss from start: 8
Weekly Rating (1-10): 5
Best Workout Moment: Doing 53 pushups at 4:30am
Most Tempting Food:Little Debbie brownie
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... Well, I this was my first week and I wasn't feeling well which is probably why I lost 8 lbs.
Trash Talk: I'm just paddling behind trying to keep up with you ladies!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

White Chocolate

Current weight: 151
Loss during week 3: -3
Total loss from start: -8
Weekly Rating (1-10): 8
Best Workout Moment: Dragging my tired butt to Spin.
Most Tempting Food: Bread from Macaroni Grill
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... I tried not to let the scale dominate my emotions. I'm learning to be patient and realize the weight won't fall off in a week. Bummer.
Trash Talk: You guys are awesome. Keep up the excellent work my friends.

Silly Sally

Current weight:142
Loss during week 3: gained 1
Total loss from start:3
Weekly Rating (1-10):7
Best Workout Moment:my 2 hour brick workout with weights
Most Tempting Food:weak moment and bought a candy bar. but other than that I have to say I have been doing pretty dang good!
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain...yes ate a little better and did two day workouts
Trash Talk: ?

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Current weight:137
Loss this week:1
Total loss from both weeks:6
Weekly Rating:4
Best Workout Moment:ran 2 miles, i know this is nothing, but such a struggle for me
Most Tempting Food: donut in relief society
Specific goal for coming week: get it in gear, exercise 5 days, run at least 10 miles this week.

Baby Mama

Current weight:187.5
Loss this week: 1.5 lb.
Total loss from both weeks: 4.5 measly lbs.
Weekly Rating: 5- my whole family got sick. you would think this would be awesome in a weight loss way like cute lucille, but nope. and lucille- it does look tempting. what did you eat? :)
Best Workout Moment: getting back into lifting, feels good
Most Tempting Food: breads
Specific goal for coming week: step up the cardio and the weights, really try to step it up and lose some weight. keep the food intake good.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


current weight: 119
Loss this week: 6 lbs
Total loss from both weeks: 7 lbs
Best workout moment: treadmill intervals and a cardio class that hurt me like The Shred Zone
Most tempting food: chocolate orange slices (had one or two a day a few times last week)
Specific goal for coming week: step up cardio intensity; return to that crazy Cardio Core class that made me feel like an out-of-shape wuss AND don't be upset when you gain weight back.

**I would be remiss if I failed to mention that I got food poisoning Friday night and have been fairly frightened of food ever since. I ate healthy and worked out, but my weight loss has a lot to do with a very thorough (if unintentional) cleanse followed by consuming roughly 1,000 calories in 72 hours. And the pounds lost might look tempting but it was NOT worth it. Seriously, that night was a close second to labor.

Welcome Lefty!

We've got one more Lady to add to the competition... Lefty!

Monday, January 19, 2009


153 lbs
36.2% body fat

Loss This Week: gained 1 lb!!!
Total Loss: 4lbs.
Weekly Rating: 5 I did a cleanse and was proud of my willpower for those two days, but on the other days I didn't eat very well :( I had consistent exercise but I want to step it up a bit next week for more challenge
Best Workout Moment: doing my workout video and being able to concentrate on good form and really feel it since I've pretty much got it down
Most Tempting Food: Paradise Cafe--I ate there twice this week and got delicious cookies both times! The cookies are ok if you get soup and salad right?!
Specific Goal for Coming Week: Make a drastic change in eating and do long cardio workouts 4 times and weights twice

Saturday, January 17, 2009

White Chocolate

Current weight: 154 (Ugh)
Loss this week: -0 (that 0 is killing me!!!!!)
Total loss from both weeks: -5
Weekly Rating: 8
Best Workout Moment: The fact that I got through my leg workout without crying.
Most Tempting Food: California Pizza Kitchen baby
Specific goal for coming week: Oh I don't know...maybe lose some freaking weight!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Silly Sally

Current weight: 141
Loss this week: 4 pounds :)
Total loss from both weeks: 4 pounds
Weekly Rating:7
Best Workout Moment: when I ran for an hour without my knee hurting!
Most Tempting Food:chocolate(major weakness had some everyday)
Specific goal for coming week: eat a little better and do 2 a day with workouts

One Week Down RipQuesters!

Well the first round of reports are in... congrats to everyone on a great first week. For the first round of reporting we were pretty aggressive in reminding everyone to report. But now that everyone has done one week and knows their day to report it is 100% on you guys.

Remember, if you miss your report you will be DQ'd, no exceptions. The reason for this is 2 fold. First, and most important, Accountability. Being held accountable in your reporting and knowing that there are consequences helps keep all of us diligent in our fitness commitments. Each of you need to internalize that you committed to a healthy transformation over these 4 months. Weekly tracking of your progress and reporting is a big part of that. As each of you go through your week knowing that you will have to account for your choices of diet and exercise it will help you make better decisions. Second, which is less important, it is enough work for us to update everything daily. We don't also want to be playing catch up on late reports.

Fear can be a healthy motive at times and losing 100 bucks and being out of the competition is a healthy drive to help you achieve your goals. Have a great next week on your Quest!

*Also, here is the % weight loss calculation: weight loss divided by original weight=% so for example. 10 lbs. weight loss divided by 200 lb.s start weight = .05 or 5%

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Current Weight:138 -5 lbs.
Total %: 3.6%
Workout Comments:Workout 5 times this week. need to step it up with my cardio, really out of shape.

Diet Comments: have been eating a lot healthier. need to work on portion control

Trash Talk:Ladies I expect my 1st place prize money in crisp 1 dolla bills, cause I'm gonna make it rain.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Mama

Current weight: 189 (down 3 pounds)Total % lost: 1.5
I rate the week a 5 overall.
I ate well, but not getting in as much exercise as I'd like.
Workout: 3 workouts. 2 cardio, 1 weights.
Need to get on a more regular schedule, working out the kinks of my life right now.
Diet: Feel pretty good about this.
Trash talk comments: We had so much garbage from the holidays that we filled up two cans this week. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


current weight:125 lbs -1 lb
total loss: 1% (1 lb)
my week: 6.5--not failing but not passing with flying colors
workout: cardio 6x, weights 3x
diet: "just finishing up the holiday goodies"---pathetic justification! but not too terrible overall
trash talk: I don't want to trash talk...those girls seem great. I'm sure it will be quite a battle for 2nd and 3rd. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009


152.6 lbs. (down from 156)
3% loss
36.6% body fat
rate my week overall a 6.
I worked out every day except Friday.
Eating, I ate healthy meals and I did well but went out to eat a couple of times and ate whatever I wanted. I'm actually surprised I lost that much weight!

Watch out gals, the competition is fierce!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Current Weight: 154 -5 lbs.
3.1 % weight loss
Rate: 7 I'm not going to lie, I was expecting a bigger weight loss.
Workout: I'm going to add intervals to my cardio workout this week. I also need to get my treadmill set up and dusted off...
Diet: I stayed within my range of calories each day but I need to add more meat and veggies to my diet. I also need to increase my water intake.

Trash Talk: Good luck?

Friday, January 9, 2009


145 (up 2 pounds sweet:(
22% body fat (down 1% :) )

6 weekly rating

my workouts went really well! sore musclesbut feels good!

eating is my downfall this was my last week of Diet Dr. Pepper! and no more sugar!

the first week is always the hardest! but I did it.

Bring it on ladies!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lesson 1 S.R.A.

First lesson is.... STRESS, RECOVER, ADAPT (repeat it aloud 3 times while holding your holiday belly).

This physiological process is the heart of all exercise. It is very simple to understand but quite another to apply. Most problems encountered by people beginning a new exercise and diet program would be solved if they understood this simple process.

Here is how you break it down...

STRESS: This is the implementation of a stimulus on the body in an effort to make it change in some way. So lifting a weight or running will fatigue the muscle groups involved and place more demand on the muscle fibers and blood vessels. During this time of stress the muscle fibers demand more fuel, oxygen, blood, and muscle recruitment from the body.

RECOVER: After a "stress" the body needs time to assess what has happened, rest, and prepare. The three main components to aid recovery are time, sleep, and good nutrition. This is one of the most overlooked areas of exercise and the cause of lots of misery. (ex. eat some protein and quality carbohydrates within 15 minutes of completing an exercise.)

ADAPT: When stress and recovery occurs the body will adapt by forming new blood vessels, muscle fibers, and the recruiting of existing muscle fibers. (An untrained person might use only 50% of the muscle but exercise "recruits" existing fibers and makes them available for use.)

When this process is maximized a subject gains dramatic muscle development, strength, and weight loss. When it is not, they experience injury, fatigue, and frustration. Bottom line is... work out hard when it is time but then allow your body do its thing! The last thing you want at this point is to over do it, get injured, and be stuck sitting around.

Have fun reporting!

ps: we take requests on certain topics if anyone would like to learn about something specific.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meet the competition...

*In sad news... Helga withdrew from competition. She will be missed.

143 lbs.
118 lbs. goal

192 lbs.
150 lbs. goal

129 lbs.
115 goal

156 lbs.
130 lbs. goal

Weight 143 lbs.
Goal 128 lbs.

159 lbs.
125 lbs. goal

Thursday, January 1, 2009


This is an anonymous "biggest loser" style weight loss/muscle definition competition set from January 1 2009 to May 1 2009. It has been created to provide an edge to those of us needing a little extra workout motivation. I keep running across friends and family who want help getting a workout spark. I have talked to my wife Heidi who has a masters degree in exercise science and is willing to moderate this endeavor. She will provide advice, organization, and anything else we need to pull this thing off. Send all requests to

12 person group size max (first come first serve feel free to pass this along to interested parties.)

$100 entry (goes to cash pot for top 3 winners, 1st, 2nd, 3rd once everyone is paid and registered we will figure out the totals).

Beginning photos (front, side, back) with newspaper showing current date. No photoshop or adjustments of any kind. We will cut out faces to maintain anonymous status.

Weight (must use same scale throughout competition).

Choose designated anonymous code name for yourself. The group will not know your identity.
Weekly updates including photos and weigh in information submitted to
The updates of all members will be provided to all group members on weekly basis
Winners will be voted on by group members using an objective voting scale (sorry no choosing yourself) on May 1 2009
No using illegal drugs from mexico or walmart!
Reply to for questions or requests and checks submitted to...
Heidi Snyder 486 e 800 s Payson Utah 84651
Once check, photos, and information is submitted, you will become an official member and will receive confirmation of such.
Obviously the main point of this effort is to help us achieve our health goals and the competition and accountability aspect is purely to help drive our efforts. SO BE GOOD SPORTS AND BE HONEST!
*the term ripquest and this whole competition is my idea so don't copy it or I will have to regulate.