Thursday, January 1, 2009


This is an anonymous "biggest loser" style weight loss/muscle definition competition set from January 1 2009 to May 1 2009. It has been created to provide an edge to those of us needing a little extra workout motivation. I keep running across friends and family who want help getting a workout spark. I have talked to my wife Heidi who has a masters degree in exercise science and is willing to moderate this endeavor. She will provide advice, organization, and anything else we need to pull this thing off. Send all requests to

12 person group size max (first come first serve feel free to pass this along to interested parties.)

$100 entry (goes to cash pot for top 3 winners, 1st, 2nd, 3rd once everyone is paid and registered we will figure out the totals).

Beginning photos (front, side, back) with newspaper showing current date. No photoshop or adjustments of any kind. We will cut out faces to maintain anonymous status.

Weight (must use same scale throughout competition).

Choose designated anonymous code name for yourself. The group will not know your identity.
Weekly updates including photos and weigh in information submitted to
The updates of all members will be provided to all group members on weekly basis
Winners will be voted on by group members using an objective voting scale (sorry no choosing yourself) on May 1 2009
No using illegal drugs from mexico or walmart!
Reply to for questions or requests and checks submitted to...
Heidi Snyder 486 e 800 s Payson Utah 84651
Once check, photos, and information is submitted, you will become an official member and will receive confirmation of such.
Obviously the main point of this effort is to help us achieve our health goals and the competition and accountability aspect is purely to help drive our efforts. SO BE GOOD SPORTS AND BE HONEST!
*the term ripquest and this whole competition is my idea so don't copy it or I will have to regulate.

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