Friday, January 16, 2009

One Week Down RipQuesters!

Well the first round of reports are in... congrats to everyone on a great first week. For the first round of reporting we were pretty aggressive in reminding everyone to report. But now that everyone has done one week and knows their day to report it is 100% on you guys.

Remember, if you miss your report you will be DQ'd, no exceptions. The reason for this is 2 fold. First, and most important, Accountability. Being held accountable in your reporting and knowing that there are consequences helps keep all of us diligent in our fitness commitments. Each of you need to internalize that you committed to a healthy transformation over these 4 months. Weekly tracking of your progress and reporting is a big part of that. As each of you go through your week knowing that you will have to account for your choices of diet and exercise it will help you make better decisions. Second, which is less important, it is enough work for us to update everything daily. We don't also want to be playing catch up on late reports.

Fear can be a healthy motive at times and losing 100 bucks and being out of the competition is a healthy drive to help you achieve your goals. Have a great next week on your Quest!

*Also, here is the % weight loss calculation: weight loss divided by original weight=% so for example. 10 lbs. weight loss divided by 200 lb.s start weight = .05 or 5%

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