Thursday, February 19, 2009

Week 7 & 8. Welcome to the Lab Ladies!!!

Week 6 is complete... leaving 10 weeks until the end of this competition.

HEY PEOPLE! We are sensing a bit of apathy and lack motivation out there!!!

Our job is to help you guys push to your limits and acheive your goals.

It is time to mix things up. So here it goes...

-We will not be awarding week 6 winners male or female due to low numbers on weight loss and personal evaluation ratings.

-There will be no report next week because for the next two weeks you will be entering "The Lab"

-What is the Lab you ask? Here are the requirements:


1. As the name implies, "The Lab" is an environment to experiment and discover new boundaries. For our purposes, your "Lab" will be the next 2 weeks and the ONLY purpose is to initiate a personal experiment for you to see what happens when you eat better and workout harder than you have in entire life!

2. Yes, we mean it. No excuses, no complaints, no rationalizing. How will you know you are doing it? Every single day over the next 14 days will be HARD. You will curse the ripquest name and wish you were dead. Each night as you go to bed you will be tired, hungry, and cranky! And as you crawl into that bed you will need to set your alarm in plenty of time to get that morning workout in.

3. Give your scale to someone to hide. Everyone is getting too hung up on that daily trip to weigh in. During the lab there will be no weighing in, just hard freaking work! When the 14 days are up, everyone will do a weigh in report and take their 8 week photos.

4. Perfect Eating: Yes we mean it. No junk food, no grease, no refined sugars, no bad food AT ALL!!! We don't care if it is your birthday or your wedding. There will be no cheat meals, sneaks, or snacks! For 2 weeks you can be perfect.

5. Double Workouts EVERYDAY: We mean this too. Twice a day you will engage in some form of fitness activity even if it is 15 minutes of stretching and sit ups before bed. The point is obviously to burn calories and create muscle but even more so, for you to prioritize your health and get you out of your current routines by forming new habits.

6. This contest is all about YOU achieving your goals and changing your life and as such is on your honor.

7. Recognize that we have put you in a horrible place with only two difficult options....

First Option: Read this, think to yourself ummm yeah whatever I will do what i can and if not oh well... blah, blah, blah go through the same old motions... blah blah.


Second option: Commit fully to this experiment, enter the lab, struggle, work your butt off, and come out of these two weeks unstoppable.

*Each ripquester needs to print up the above rules, post them where they can see them and reply to this email by typing "I name commit to my own personal Lab fitness experiment and will do everything required to complete it."

Over these 2 weeks we will posting on the blogs every tip and piece of motivation we can muster to see you through.

Have a great next 14 days!!!

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