Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Current Weight: 121
Total Loss: 5
Weekly Rating: 6.5 (missed a workout day, talked to a fellow Rip Quester while I was staring at a pizza I'd ordered...shameful)---that said, my workouts were good, 90-120 min each, and Ihad calorie deficit most days.
Favorite Healthy Food: cottage cheese w/ apples; grilled salmon + veggie
Best Workout Song: long run: Snow Patrol/Beastie Boys; intervals: Mos Def
Who is your biggest competition so far? everyone
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? I'm no longer tucking love handles into my pants; I can see my ab muscles w/o needing helpful lighting; I am better able to control emotional eating; I'm running a marathon in 2 days....and figuring out how to spend my $ :)!

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