Saturday, June 13, 2009


Beginning Weight: 156
Current Weight:143

Beginning Clothes Sizes: maternity
Current Clothes Sizes: 10 and a few under

Beginning Exercise Condition: (provide examples etc.) A thirty minute walk to the gas station to get movies and treats was my max. Muscles? Forget 'em. I hadn't worked out in months.

Current Exercise Condition: I can comfortably run 5-6 miles during the week and a longer 7+ mile run on the weekends. I can squat, push-up, stretch in yoga, and do a good sit up workout. I consistently for the last 4 months workout at least 4 times/week, if not more.

Overall Rating Total: 6

Brief paragraph: I am very happy with my rip quest results. I look and feel MUCH better than I did before and can wear my normal and smaller clothes! I know that I could have been more strict with myself in the eating area and had even greater results but I definitely accomplished my goals to change my habits and get in shape! I've developed an awesome exercise habit (and addiction) and I understand how much my body actually needs to eat instead of over-eating all the time. I buy at the grocery store and cook like I never have before! I love creating healthy, fresh and delicious meals. I've spent many mornings ripping myself out of bed when I didn't want to, trudged on through a run when I didn't think I could go any farther, slammed the cupboard door in my own face to stop from eating something... I've surprised myself in my personal accomplishments and have a new confidence and respect for myself. Overall, for me the ripquest was a success. I feel great!

Thanks so much! This has been fun and rewarding!


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