Saturday, June 13, 2009


LEFTY Report

Beginning Weight: 131
Current Weight: 113

Beginning Clothes Sizes: jeans 15
Current Clothes Sizes: jeans 3

Beginning Exercise Condition: 4 - Healthy, not fit (could jog 4mph for 30 min). 8 pushups in a row. 2-3 light workouts a week (didn't know they were "light" until now)
Current Exercise Condition: 8 - Healthy & fit (can run 6mph+ for 35+ ) 30+ pushups in a row. 10+ med/hard workouts a week

Overall Rating Total: 73, weeks reported a rating: 10, average 7.3

Provide final photos of front, back, side.

Brief paragraph: I got a slow start, and joined ripquest a little late, but really put my heart into it. You ladies really gave me a lot of motivation. I've gone down a few jean sizes and feel like I've really made myself a lot healthier for my family. Even though I didn't reach my goal of 105, I feel good that I exceeded my jean size goal. Overall it's been really positive. I've found out how to cook healthier and to control how much junk I put into this machine! I'm determined to never go back to my old habits and to stay fit for the rest of my life. Getting fit is so hard and I now have a new respect for athletes. You ladies are awesome, it really helped me to report often and see how you guys were doing. Thanks for the memories!

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