Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LAB REPORT: Butterfly

start: 156 lbs. / now: 149 lbs.percent loss: 4%
-Rate you LAB experiment (1-10 scale)8 -Expand on your experienceThe first 7 days I took the lab SO seriously. I ate the best I've ever eaten! It was SO hard but I felt so good in my clothes and felt confident because of my self-control. I knew that I was doing it right because every morning alarm, every meal, every night pretty much sucked. :) But then I let myself sneak and snitch a little until I wasn't saying no to treats anymore. I maintained working out though. I thought for sure I would lose more weight after all my hard work! So that kind of bumbed me out. But my body fat went down 3% even though I didn't lose any weight. Eating was my biggest strength at first and then my down fall. I did amazing, but I need to maintain that longer than 7 days.
-Rate your results for the halfway point of the contest (1-10 scale)8 I've been exercising more than I ever have and I am more conscious of my eating and eat healthy foods... I feel great and I know I'm on my way to being my best self and making long-term lifestyle changes! I love the way I've been eating and exercising. My clothes actually fit (no more maternity clothes!!) and I feel decent-looking. I also know I can do better!-How will you improve or maintain to reach your goals for the second half?I will maintain control of my eating, continue working out twice a day and choose the right even when it's hard. I hope to see quicker results than I have and maintain my "good weeks" longer than 7 days!!
Thanks for the support and accountability!

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