Monday, March 16, 2009

Silly Sally, Lefty, and RIP White Chocolate:(

weight is 141
no weight loss
Has been a rough week bronchitis and adopting a baby only one day of work out also had the stomach flu
eating has been ok but i am feeling so much better so watch out her comes the six pack!!!!

Start weight: 131
Current weight: 118
Rate your week overall (1-10 scale): 7
Share one positive Eating experience: I only had a few girl scout cookies...instead of 3 boxes.
Share one positive Exercise experience: During my running workouts this week I ran .5 miles faster. Which is HUGE for me.
Real trash talk: I think I'll leave this to the guys...don't have it in me right now, but I am pretty happy about losing another 2 pounds of myself this week :)

White Chocolate you will be missed.... good luck!

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