Thursday, March 12, 2009

LAB REPORT: Silly Sally & Biscuit

Silly Sally
-Start weight & Current weight 145 140
-Total % weight loss from start (weight loss lbs. divided by start weight lbs. example: 10 lbs. lost divided by 200 start weight=.05 or 5%
-Rate your LAB experiment (1-10 scale)6
-Expand on your experience went out of town ate pretty good worked out twice a day good on that! i dont eat as big of portions and make the healthier choice, my clothes fit better yeah
-Rate your results for the halfway point of the contest (1-10 scale)7
-How will you improve or maintain to reach your goals for the second half of the contest? doing my best and start each day new!!!

Start 143
2 weeks ago 135
now -4 now I am 131
8% loss
8- This was really good, my workouts and eating were a lot better, not perfect, but definite improvement. I went to some spin classes that really kicked my trash, they were awesome. Eating has been a lot better, eating a lot more fresh foods and I am not always hungry like I used to be. My downfall was i missed a few workouts.
I am happy that I have lost weight, but I am disappointed with myself, cause I know I can do better. It's go time for me.
I am going to keep a food journal, commit to more workout classes (really help because I have to push myself). I am also going to incorporate new strength exercises in my workouts

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