Saturday, March 7, 2009


-Start weight: 126-
Current weight:119-
Total % weight loss from start: 5.5%-
Rate you LAB experiment: Eating B- (8) Exercise A (9) 8/8.5 overall-
Expand on your experience: I faltered a few times in snitching treats (I blame the Girl Scouts), but I improved on eating more regularly and was consistent with healthy meals (no cheat meals!). My workouts were great: picked up my running pace, lifted heavier weights. I give myself a 9 because I missed a couple of double days (abs at night...never missed my major workouts).-
Rate your results for the halfway point of the contest (1-10 scale): Probably an 8. That whole emotional eating business is still a struggle. I am really pleased with my fitness. I did a 5:30 am 7 mile run that felt amazing...a real run not just a jog.-
How will you improve or maintain to reach your goals for the second half? I need to plan my snacks and meals during the day more consistently. When I do this, I do better. I can't be lazy and not eat or eat something easy (which is usually not the most healthy choice). I also can't be focused on my weight's discouraging. I need to keep pushing myself in workouts. At this point I'm not getting "in shape," I am. Now I need to get in better/racing/best in my life shape. No complacency!

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