Sunday, March 29, 2009


January Competition Start Weight- 126January Competition Start Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) - 6.5
Current Weight- 121 Current Fitness Level (Rate 1-10) - 8
Tell us one great thing about last week? I had to do my long run Sat. evening, which means I really didn't want to do it. I did, but I felt like I was super duper slow...and then I came home to discover I'd done 12 miles under 10 minute pace.
6 Week Goals!Total Lbs. Lost by May 1- 3-5?Specific Fitness Achievements by May 1- marathon ready, longer 200 progressive workouts
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Confession: Yeah, I know this wasn't a reporting bullet, but I am struggling! I thought a little trash talk to Biscuit would keep me honest, What healthy foods are you girls eating? Are you all completely resisting "treats" like "Baby Mama"? How do you all stay motivated when you're on a seemingly endless plateau? I eat pretty well, workout 6 days a week, and not much is happening. I'm having a hard time giving into the thought of "I guess this is just as good as it gets." Thoughts? Suggestions?

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