Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Current Weight: 122
Total Loss: 4 lbs
Your 6 Week Goals (Write a short paragraph describing the next month and a half... exercise, diet, body transformation).

I am looking forward to being done with marathon training. I'm hoping that doing more variety in exercise will help get me off this endless plateau. I'll still workout out 1.5-2 hours 6 days a week. I'd like to be under 120 by June 1st....and heading towards looking ok enough to be in a bathing suit for a cruise at the end of June. Need to get back to eating better, spreading my calories out during the day. I need to plan ahead...when I don't, I either don't eat or eat something not-so-great. I also need to be a more supportive spouse, so he can get back on the weight-loss train as well. I'm definitely not going to win this competition, but I'm hoping to be in decent shape, which will hopefully make for a healthier future pregnancy.

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